Celebrate your life’s special moments with Great Paper’s!

We know finding that perfect piece of stationery is just as an important as the event itself.  Great Paper’s provides quality paper products at a value you can be happy with!  

Best known for our classic designs in awards/recognition products, letterhead and note cards.  We pride ourselves on bringing designs that you need for every season and every reason.



Great Paper’s was born in North Mankato, MN originally owned by Masterpiece Studios with a corporate history dating back more than 50 years.  In 2011, the stationery business was acquired by Cosco Industries a company who specializes in home and office products.  Great Paper’s is headquartered in Harwood Heights, IL where we design one-of-a-kind stationery pieces for all of your special life moments!

Great Paper’s is an established leader in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of pre-printed decorated paper, celebration cards, social stationery and more!